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Window Coverings - Getting Started

Getting Started

Hunter Douglas - Designer Roller Shades with Standard Clutch
Hunter Douglas Style: Designer Roller Shades with Standard Clutch

Window coverings are not an option! Every home has to have window coverings. If you don’t purchase them before you move in, you will have to purchase window coverings and will usually do so within 30 days of move-in. It’s important to be aware of the many advantages of purchasing window coverings before you move in to your new home or when remodeling your home.

Window coverings bring immediate privacy and a sense of security.

Questions to ask yourself

What activities are going to be done in this room?

What are my privacy and light control needs?

How do your windows open?

Are you shopping for any specialty or unusually shaped windows?

There are many interesting window shapes and your window treatments may need a bit of special attention.  There are arched or palladian windows, bay windows, skylights, A-frames and casement windows, to name a few.  You also want to remember any doors that will require coverings, such as sliding glass doors and French doors.


Do you have children, pets or elderly persons living with you?

Is there a need to control temperature or is energy efficiency a concern?